Joining in

To become a learner you will need to register as a member of the learning community. You will then get full access to the learning ideas space and all of its facilities.
You will be able to enjoy

  • e-learning modules and e-presentation in the Greenhouse.
  • networking and collaborating with colleagues in the Beehive.
  • reviewing useful resources in the Toolshed as well as organising your personal development plans in the Grow Your Own section.

Our annual membership fee is currently only £5 per year – click here to register now.

Learning Ideas has been designed to provide trainers and facilitators with all the tools and resources required to support a blended learning approach.

We provide full training and support for all of our licensed tutors.

As a Licensed Tutors you will be able to

  • Run tutorials and presentations in the Greenhouse
  • Interact with your learners in the Beehive
  • Upload and manage your resources in the Tool Shed for your courses
  • Monitor and remind learners to complete training modules and assignments on time

If you would like to learn more about becoming a licensed tutor and using Learning Ideas to support your training that you would like to deliver please contact us for further details about training and rates for licensed tutors.

We want Learning Ideas to grow and to develop in response to the needs of the voluntary sector. Learning Ideas is constantly on the look out for genuine experts, who are specialists in their field. We often work in partnership with experts to design and implement new blended learning materials.

If you would like to learn more about becoming one of our experts and how together we can help train more people that work in the voluntary sector please contact us.

Learning Ideas has been designed to provide training managers and leaders with all the tools and resources required to implement and manage an effective blended learning strategy for their organisation.

As a Partner Organisations you will be able to

  • Design and implement training programmes using blended learning
  • Set up & manage training plans for different staff roles
  • Allocate learners to courses
  • Produce progress reports
  • Produce impact reports which demonstrate how learners have applied their learning to their job role
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